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check it out. we hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops right here, 'cause we're definitely looking out for you in 2010. terror attack shows the obama administration is stuck in 1999. reverted back to a pre-9/11 mentality. terror attacks as man caused disasters. more than three days after the incident president obama remained silent and continued his vacation on the beaches of hawaii. if that doesn't tell you where fighting terrorism falls on the commander in chief's list of prioritiys, nothing will. a closer look at how this white house responded in recent days. christmas day attempted bombing of a northwest airline flight from nigeria to amsterdam to detroit may have been a close call.
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but left many asking how could the obama administration have let it come that close? homeland security secretary napolitano tried to convince us that umar farouk abdulmutallab failed because. >> system worked. >> sean: her laughable explanation had many enraged and critics from both sides of the aisle calling for her to step down. including richard cody. since no one bought her absurd claim obama's top counter terrorism adviser was sent on the sunday show circuit this weekend to try to resend the administration's message. >> there was no smoking gun that said this guy will get on a plane. >> sean: while there had not been a specific smoking gun there were more than enough clues had this guy spelled trouble. first his father went to the embassy with concerns about his son. that information was slowly but surely passed along to counterintelligence officials
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in the states who did nothing with it. it was recently revealed that the cia knew a month before the attempted attack that the bomber had possible ties to yemen-based extremists and spent time in yemen, no one followed up on any of these warning signs. the u.k.'s top spy agency mi5 knew he had been talking with extremists three years ago. abdulmutallab had been banned from britain due to immigration . dennis blair apologized for the lapse in national security stating, it is clear that gaps remain and must be fixed. it is time the white house gets reschooled in the subject of counter terrorism 101. clearly neither the system nor this administration is working the way it should. joining me now with reaction to the return of america's pre-9/11 mentality, former clinton adviser, fox news
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contributor, dick morris is here, happy new year. >> thank you. sean the us is tell worked? >> oh god, no. we had all the evidence in the world in guy was a terrorist. when the guy's father who is a distinguished person in nigeria, tells you his son is gonna blow up a plane and is in yemen now and they already have him on a list of half a million people. the only reason he's not on the list of 4,000 people, the no-fly list they restricted the size of the list and cut it back because of privacy concerns. >> sean: the number one job of the president is to keep the country safe. it is not to vacation in hawaii. not to pass health care. here's my question: examine and analyze his handling from a to z in this case? >> everybody is missing the key point here. they are saying the cia, fbi should have shared information,
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he should have been put on list and obama called it a systemic failure. that's not what it is. it is the result of a political reeducation this administration has taken the intelligence community through that says, don't profile, don't stick your neck out. don't invade anyone's privacy. heaven help you if you finger a guy and he doesn't blow something up. >> sean: he also said it was isolated extremist without having the facts. i think for political -- >> they tried to sell the idea the fort hood guy was deranged worried about being shipped out. >> sean: i spent a lot of time on this program focusing on their characterizing a war on terror as a man caused disaster or overseas contingency operation. isn't this reflective of a mineset putting every person out there in danger? >> yes. two mindsets one it is not at war, just a crime or a sistas ter. secondly, you can't profile,
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you can take leaps, you can't make guesses. if you connect the dots unfairly you are going to be in trouble. >> sean: isn't the other big issue here the fact they are mirandizing this guy, putting again every american in danger. what does this guy know? who are his contacts? he's lawyered up. we ought to be waterboarding this guy. >> absolutely. this is an exact example of something where his insistence on treating everybody as a civil liberties issue gets in the way of the intelligence. by the way, the information we get after we waterboard him should not be admissible. >> sean: you and you are going to be hammered tomorrow on the blogs because we say in guy should be waterboarded. >> but, mr. blogs, i don't think the evidence that we get from waterboarding him should be admissible in his criminal trial. the fifth amendment still exists. but it should be actionable for intelligence to break up other al-qaeda plots.
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>> sean: exactly. we don't know what he knows or what other danger exists. if you wrap a bomb in your underwear and this is an act of terror, with the background that you have, you got to assume this is an act of war. this administration doesn't see that it way. >> they would have us mirandizeing germans in world war ii. the other point is the reason 9/11 happened is that bill clinton treated the '93 bombing of the trade center as a crime, not as an act of war. now obama is going through the same situation. >> sean: the 9/11 commission report if we one thing out of it, they are at war with us, we are not at war with them. let me ask what this means politically. number of democrats, has fallen to a new low down another six points. congress in the 20s, reid in the 30s. pelosi in the 20s. democrats, right track, wrong
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track. obama is down. what does this mean? i think we are in one of the most important election cycles ever in our lifetime. >> yes, we. i think if we don't take our country back in 2010, it is not going to be there for us to take back. the important point, i believe about this, is that, the country just got a crash course in how fraudulent the idea of a moderate democrat is. that there aren't any it doesn't exist. there are democrats and republicans. i used to be one of them. eye used to be a conservative democrat i'm not any more because it didn't exist. you are either a pelosi democrat or republican. >> sean: you to do a little sean you were right. a plowed your efforts. you thought there was a chance if pick off nelson,ling son or one of these so-called conservative democrats. i didn't think so. one the money started to flow
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it would be hard to say no. >> it represents more than just a optimist on my part. it represents a fundamental change in our politics there. is no such thing as an independent democrat. if you are a democrat, you are a democrat and that's all you can be. >> sean: every american is going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, to these states just to buy off, you know cash for cloture as they call it. is that bribery? or worse because it is other people's money? >> i think it is bribery. i'm interested in what will come out in the next couple of years. i want to know what the net worth of these folks is gonna be. i want to follow it to 11 and 12 and go back and say why from 9 to 10 did you experience a huge up tick in your net worth? >> great question. i won't we have karl rove, next. tsa nominee lied himself, he
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was looking into the backgrounds of people. did you hear about that? >> yep, it is great for a nominee for a guy who is going to have access to every background check in the world that he was able to catch his wife's lover. if the guy were running for head of the treasury department, not treasury, you know labor department, or commerce, it's tsa. access to everything. we have -- sean san we have a tax cheat running the irs. >> don't worry about it, nobody's on that no-fly list. sean san karl rove next. lot more ahead. this hour of hannity, as we kickoff one of the most important election years of your life. take a look. >> the person nominated by the president to lead tsa has had his confirmation held up in the senate. >> do you want the guys on take a closer look at you to be run by someone with privacy
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problems? >> what they are engaging in is jeopardizing the security of the american people. >> sean: karl rove explains. a 2012 contender heads to iowa right now michael steele with his 12 step plan to defeat the obama agenda. dramatic new video from the deadly shooting outside a vegas courthouse. much more hannity, straight ahead. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music
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. >> sean: after vacationing for 11 days in hawaii through an attempted terrorist attack. president obama still wasn't ready to get back to work. when a reporter asked the president if he wanted to go back to d.c. he immediately shouted no. then the first lady said let's stay i'm trying to mount a coup! i vote for the president to stay in hawaii, it will be cheaper for all of us. he won't be taxing you to death.
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>> sean: in light of the
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massive security failure exposed by the so-called underwear bomber. team obama is politicizing the matter and using their blunder to push through another nominee this one to head the tsa this is the man democrats want to take the lead role in making your air travel safe. his name is errol subjecters senate democrats want him confirmed as quickly as possible need the transportation security administration. the white house claims that southers nomination is being held up because of partisan politics and senator reed's office is promising a vote on his nomination as soon as the senate recon convenience. some republicans led by senator demint have objected to his nomination because he wants to unionize tsa employees. now there are more serious questions about this man's qualifications to head the tsa. according to the "washington post", southers gave misleading testimony this fall, when he admitted that 20 years ago, he unlawfully used
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a federal law enforcement database to run payback ground check on his now estranged wife's then boyfriend. he was rep mentioned for the incident and admits he made a mistake. in an october affidavit submitted to the security committee. he said he asked a san diego police officer to run the background check. the day after the committee approved his nomination southers admitted in a letter to senators lieberman and collins that his recollection was incorrect and he had twice run the background checks himself. convenient timing. you heard me right the nominee in charge of making you takeoff your shoes at the airport has admitted to a flagrant violation of someone's privacy while a law enforcement official. once again this administration is asking all of us to look the other way about their nominee's shortcomings to expedite his confirmation. i ask you, does this man make you feel safer? seems like exactly the fellow that should be heading up the
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tsa following a major security scare. here with reaction is the architect former bush adviser the one and only karl rove. happy new year, welcome back. >> thank you sean, happy new year to you. >> sean: october he files this affidavit before the senate committee he said he asked the san diego police officer an employee toy do the background check. then he says oops, actually, i ran two. it might have been 20 years ago. is that a lie? do you think that was conscious? >> i think the problem is that he cleaned this up the day after it didn't matter. he had been approved by the committee on the 18th of november on the 19th, he pops up and says, oh well incidentally, i misled you in my sworn answers. so i -- look i worry about this. if he had come forward and said look i want you to know about this. this was a blot on my record i received a letter of censure as an fbi agent. i left the fbi six months later for unconnected reasons
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he says. did this wrong. it would be one thing, 20-years-old. the guy was forthcoming. to say i asked somebody else to do it and they did it. then the day after he is approved by the panel to pop up in a letter and say i misled you. i did it myself, twice. >> sean: he said he forgot the . i don't think you forget an incident like that karl. first of all if it is an affidavit, you say you forgot it, it doesn't meet the smell testify. it sounds like a lie. >> that's the problem. it does sound like a lie. let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt this could be another example of that dreadful white house screening process. in his letter to collins and lieberman, he says, that he checked documents. if they were documents, why didn't they look between september when they nominated
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him and november when the committee voted on him or before september when they announced he was going to be appointed? this all adds to, look he's going to enter this job if he gets it, with two clouds hanging over him. one he misled the committee and second that he cleaned up the record in a way that makes him look guilty even if he isn't. we don't know whether he is guilty or not. it is strange credibility to have handled it in this fashion. >> sean: i agree. what do you make of the handling of the whole situation. the system worked poll tan know tells us. the president when we finally a remark out of him says it is an isolated extremist. then he talks about a systemic failure days later because of president criticism. when you look at the incident in toto, what does it tell you? >> that we got the gang that's not got its act together. i think it was a mistake to have the president have the
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incident happen on christmas and not to be heard from for four days. white house sent out people to spin the press saying they were reassuring the american people. i don't understand keeping the president off the stage is supposed to reassure us. sending out napolitano to say the system worked in that fabulous gibbs to say the system worked then the next day for napolitano to step back and the president say of course it didn't work. something went wrong in the system. this is such a complex problem, we shouldn't expect it to work flawlessly each and every time but we ought to figure out what the problem is and solve it. the two biggest problems on this, are the administration's decision, we ought to figure it out and find out who made that decision to treat this as a criminal justice matter. this was an relatively new convert to the cause. which means he has not been
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trained in how to keep his mouth shut. if he had been turned over to the fbi and cia at the beginning, not treated as a law enforcement matter but as a combatant. turned over to military and intelligence officials and the fbi, who knows what we could have gotten out of in guy? now we can't. >> sean: that's my next line of questioning. the father warned this country about this. so we had information prior. apparently the president, there was some awareness one our intelligence community something was going to happen. here's the big question, is it possible, that there's other attacks that he could have knowledge of, but because we treat him like an american citizen and mirandize him that we are not going to get that information and american lies in jeopardy? is that a possibility? >> absolutely. he may not know of any plots, but he knows information that in the hands of somebody who has been paying attention to these various threats might provide a brilliant picture
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that illuminates people, plots, methods, enormously available to the united states. by failing to do this they've done a very bad thing for the cause of american security. >> sean: karl rove, happy new year, thanks for being with us. >> one democratic congressman comparing the battle of health care reform to the civil rights act. >> wait until you hear what actress elizabeth banks had to say about little old me. straight ahead. hey -- who's our best presentation guy? carl. tell carl he's coming to new york with me. i thought you said carl was our best presentation guy.
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. president obama's so-called economic stimulus continues to be exposed as a total waste of your money. a group called new mexico watchdog reports hundreds of thousands spent under the white house stimulus plan were awarded to zip codes, guess what? they don't exist. the same group revealed last
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month millions were awarded to nonexistent congressional districts in new mexico. isn't it amazing how the government is able to find new and creative weighs -- ways to waste your money each and everyday? >> now it is time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: officially ignored the obama administration's year end deadline to comply with a u.n. resolution regarding its nuclear program. iran responded by issuing an ultimatum of its own. if the west does not accept its proposal it will increase its production of highly enriched uranium. tehran is weighing in on a visit from senate foreign relations chair john kerry. iran could deny entry to the senator and says it has no plans to negotiate with any american official. how will the white house respond to these new acts of
9:26 pm
deny fans -- defiance from iran maybe the president can invite mahmoud ahmadinejad have a beer summit. clyburn the latest to compare the battle over health care reform to the civil rights act. following the lead of reid clyburn cited the passage of the civil rights act as an example of a bill that required both sides to make significant compromises. he was quoted on a conference call saying: the first civil rights bill was very comprehensive in order for the filibuster to be broken we had to drop off the voting rights act. if these two bills are similar how many represents who supported the civil rights acts had to have their votes bought by party leaders? >> are we there yet? >> sean: you will soon be able to add another name to the
9:27 pm
list of republican heavy hit have visited the state of iowa, former massachusetts governor romney plans to visit des moines and iowa state university in coming months. the stops will be part of his book tour which according to the boston globe will have him visiting at least 18 states. the book. no apology the case for american greatness. set for release march 2nd. sounds like somebody else could be vying for president obama's job in 2012. we'll continue to watch it. coming up, 12 steps to defeating the obama agenda. what are they? michael steele answers that question. that and more, straight ahead. . he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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>> sean: i sean hannity many going to hollywood, sort of. actress elizabeth banks will join the cast of 30 rock in february where she will portray a conservative talk show host, according to banks her character has something in common with me. she described her character to entertainment weekly as basically sean hannity in a skirt. me in a skirt? frightening. say hi to my good pal alec baldwin. quality and reliability...
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are more than words here. it'sersonal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's true american value. accu-chek aviva. born in the u.s.a. >> sean: with the 2010 elects fast approaching the chairman of the republican national committee is taking matters into his own hands. outlining 12 crucial steps he thinks can defeat the obama
9:31 pm
agenda. detailed in his new book. joining me for a first look at his book the rnc chairman michael steele. good to see you. >> great to be back with you, man. >> sean: before we get into this. republicans have been wrong. admit mistakes. first step to getting well. >> first step to getting well. it occurred this is a step-by-step process. taking some baby steps initial lip. the it starts with taking your head out of your navel. >> sean: some people might use another term. >> there are a couple. you have to start by looking one within. we have to understand that we did some things we talked away from the contract with america. we walked away from principle leadership by trying to be democrat-like by trying to be something you are not. when you start with principle you realize the opportunity is there to address issues americans are concerned about. we wanted to do this in a
9:32 pm
step-by-step manner. >> sean: first couple of steps, admit you have a problem. admit your mistakes. >> once you know where you're starting from. the next steps get easier, when you talk about. what are we talking about? our principles against what? this rein of -- >> before we get into that what are the mistakes that you think. i've been critical of republicans for abandoning reagan conservative principles. what think the mistakes are? >> 50% increase in the size of government. let's talk about the spending. the bridges to nowhere. the tarp program. let's talk about the walk away from those values that talk about a government that is less in your life and allowing . to florish, small businesses to do what they do best. these are the things we didn't talk about in '08. >> sean: i thought mike pence had a good line, offer what
9:33 pm
the democrats are offering minus 10% is a prescription for a permanent republican minority. in many ways that is true. >> that is very true. for the republican party for conservatives, we are the conservative party in this country i said that my first day in office. as the conservative party this is our moment right now to help america move away from the bad policies that take us into more spending, growth of government and put us on a track where we trust people more than government. >> sean: i'm asking this, because i know, because i talk to people all day and read their e-mails all day. why should people put their faith, hope, trust back in the republican party, when you are admitting they made all these mistakes? >> are you going to trust someone not free enough with themselves to admit they have a problem? no. if i don't see you admit your problem how can i trust what you say going forward? once you do that sean, then
9:34 pm
it's to be followed up with concrete action. it is not just in this book right now, i'm drawing out contrasts between democrats and republicans. then saying what it is we should be doing? positive messages. looking to the future with the sense of empowering people, not government. >> sean: if the republican party to quote you as the conservative party, which i think is the only formula for success. i've been saying for -- saying it for a long time. how do you deal with collins, snow, left wingers in the party that don't stand on those? >> that's one of the dynamics we are discovering as a party. we are diverse, northeast is different from the south, different from the west. you look toe the leadership in the local communities grooming candidates that stand on these principles that don't have this sense of i can pretend to be a conservative back home, blue dogs and go to washington and vote nancy pelosi's
9:35 pm
agenda. that is the line people have begun to draw. >> sean: i don't think there is a moderate democrat. we saw this with the buying in the health care bill. >> no! >> sean: the question is. conservatives like myself that have felt alienated and felt like these principles have been abandoned. i want to say this, with this caveat, i think the republican party is getting back on track. they are opposed to health care. they did oppose the stimulus. nobody voted for cap and tack. still for a strong national defense. so there is certainly bold differences. how do unite the party when you have different factions? i'm not going to support a -- i'm not going to support an olympia snowe i'm not supporting susan collins. >> if you live in a community where there are certain aspects of that particular republican that appeal to you, fine. it is important to note, you've got to fall down on
9:36 pm
those core principles that common thread that defines us, regardless of the region of the country we are in. if you have four people wearing a hat and wear the hat differently. what is the thing they have in common? the hat. the gop, everyday. >> sean: there's a battle you know this is going on, you are the chairman, i'm sure you deal with this more than i do. there are those saying for the republican party to be successful they've got to be more moderate. >> no! that's what has gotten us into trouble when we walked away from principle. our platform one of the best political documents written in the last 25 years, honest engine on that it spokes to core principles, conservative principles on value family, faith, life, economics. those principles done change. you can't remake that into something else because you want, you know the liberal media to like you or you want a bob beckel, who is a dear friend to like you.
9:37 pm
>> sean: he said he wants to attack you and me in one sentence. he says he has an opening line that will make my day. like an 11-year-old playing tennis and trying to get into my head before the match starts. >> that's how liberals operate. you draw down on policies and you go what is this? when you look at cap and trade, look at what we are doing on health care those are political decisions. >> sean: here's what sean hannity wants i want the principles that worked foray again, the contract, i want a new contract with america. i've been saying for two years, will there be a new contract? >> working on this document called first principles. this book talks about how we get to those first principles and defining them. i think you will see over the course of the year a definitive document that lays out who we are. i don't think there is a better moment for
9:38 pm
conservatives than right now. i think this is an opportunity for us to speak truth to power in a way in which we are leading not obstructing. but giving america the pathway they need to self-empowerment. >> sean: i think this is one of the most important midterm elections. i'm going to put you on record in january, i'm going to play this back to you in november. >> okay. >> sean: predictions for the election? >> i think that overall, we are beginning now to do assessments on various races. i think overall, given what we know so far and what this administration's proclivities are, we'll see nice pick-ups in the house. >> sean: more specific. >> i can't give a number yet. we are just beginning to look at races. >> sean: do you think you can take over the house? >> not this year. >> sean: you don't think so? >> i don't know all the candidates we still have vacancies that need to get filled. if we do that, are we ready?
9:39 pm
>> sean: are you? >> i don't know. that's what i'm assessing and evaluating now. those candidates that are looking to run, have to be anchored in these principles. >> sean: i'm an growing with what you are saying. >> they have to understand these steps if they don't they get to washington and start drinking that potomac river water and get drunk with power and -- >> sean: all right, mr. chairman good to see you. beckel is watching he says he's coming at me right out of the box. >> we want to see what this is about. >> sean: thank you chairman. greta van susteren,. >> greta: first of all, happy new year sean. we are down to the wire on health care reform. our first stop tonight nebraska. we are getting the latest on the war going on there. is that the state that says it
9:40 pm
is all about me? or is this the state that is gonna take that money? plus rush limbaugh what is the latest with rush. and yemen, what's up with yemen? >> sean: greta in 20 minutes we'll be watching "on the record." by the way, all our best to rush limbaugh we are glad things turned out well for our friend. >> when we come back, our great beckel, literally, throbbing over there, our great, great, american panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ugcl)
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. former assistant secretary of state, u.s.a. today columnist. beckel is here. everywhere i on vacation, why are you friends with that guy beckel? that is a minute. she is a political consultant, fundraiser, republican strategist, noelle. and matt lewis join the fray and welcome aboard. get it out. you just said in the green room i have a great opening line. >> i didn't say a great opening line. i said people who say how can you be friends with beckel say i'm mother teresa, i take in
9:44 pm
stray liberals on the street. it is fine. i come in, you put me in the backroom. you told me, you are die, die with the ship, good opening line. >> sean: there is no state tax if you die -- until they chain the law, they are gonna change it, the democrats can't stop they want our money if you die now you give all money to your family, the money you pay taxes on your whole life. if you die a year from now 50% goes to the government. die now! i didn't mean you! >> you have that problem. i don't have an estate. >> i'll help, your children will thank me later. >> no, they will not. >> are you gonna start the show or what? >> sean: for the record live a long healthy life, but i would like to eliminate the death tax. know well, here's the bottom -- noelle eldorado, -- the
9:45 pm
system worked our security systems work when we have a guy with a bomb in his crouch getting on the plane. >> didn't you feel safer when nepal tan know said that? i -- in poll tan know said that? i felt so much safer 71% of americans think that the trial needs to be held away from michigan, away from new york and you have 58% of people that actually think they should waterboard the panty-bomber to get information instead of lawyering up. >> that's what i said, waterboard 'em. i want to know what other friends he may have that are planning on putting bombs in their jock straps? i want to know! >> instead of a plea bargain. he's not a criminal. >> like dick morris said it doesn't have to be admissible in his trial. if there's intelligence that we can get immediately that might save other lives, we should do it.
9:46 pm
>> why not pull his fingernails out and put salt in the wounds too? the fact of the matter is, i feel so much safer now. in the last year -- >> sean: you've got to be kidding me this is typical of you conservatives. >> one thing to say in the last year there have been more al-qaeda operatives who have been either arrested or have been killed under the obama administration than the last eight years that is progress. one of the reasons this guy made it through, most of al-qaeda has been spread around because they've been driven out of afghanistan and pakistan, driven out of iraq -- >> sean: you are living in a fantasy world. >> no, i lived in the intelligence community for a while, unlike you. the fact of the matter is we are lucky we haven't had more of these. >> do you an we shouldn't be sending them back to yemen if they are in gitmo now?
9:47 pm
>> appear 6 people back to yemen. >> was it a mistake? >> i don't know. >> you want to send them back to a terrorist safe haven. >> i want to send them to your house. look, you've got to do something with these people. most of the people that went back -- >> don't send them back to yemen where they are training them. >> i understand, but the bush administration sent the yemens to yemen. >> shouldn't he know that doesn't work? >> i don't know why they made that decision. >> if we've got a terrorist that's involved in a terrorist act, why wouldn't you want to use enhanced interrogation to get as much information as possible to save american lives? >> because you want to be politically correct. >> i think again it is different between using it to prosecute them. i think barack obama's
9:48 pm
philosophy is that we are not treating people as enemy combatants we are treating them as criminals. not only is that problematic in this instance but could make america more vulnerable because terrorists are gonna see that it could embolden them. >> sean: i agree i know you love your children. you showed me pictures of your daughter telling me about your son and how great he's doing in golf. i bet your son alex is a great kid. i cannot believe he's your kid, he's such a great kid. >> it was wonderful up to that point. you had to get that in. >> sean: i know you love your children. >> right. >> sean: let's say your kids are on an airplane, and we find out later that this guy was working in conjunction with this guy we just arrested. but we didn't interrogate him. we gave an enemy combatant civil rights and mirandized him. you wouldn't want that to
9:49 pm
happen with your family. >> i'll take the fbi position on this. the 19th 9/11 terrorist was waterboarded 138 times in thirty days and they got virtually nothing out of them. >> sean: that's not true. >> the way you can cut a deal with this guy. if yemen is the new location of al-qaeda, very low level guy you are going >> sean: we don't know that >> what do you mean you don't know that? the leadership of al-qaeda did not send themselves to kill themselves. >> sean: that i to know. what does he know? >> the best way to find that out is put him in a court of law. we have prosecuted 200 terrorists in this country. you are not going to get it, the fbi says they will have a better chance -- there are a lot of techniques. do you know about waterboarding have you ever done that? >> you think i have waterboarded anyone? absolutely not.
9:50 pm
>> people have decidedx÷vj we elected -- [ talking over each other ] >> we elected barack obama under this premise that we could be safer by being more sophisticated. >> we are safer. >> i think the american people are rejecting that >> why? >> because a guy got on a plane with a in his underwear this week. >> did you know how many people are on the watch list? let's get facts. 700,000 people on that watch list. a lot of people had been stopped. one gets through it was a mistake. >> they said the system worked. >> the system has worked remarkably well. >> sean: the problem is they don't think we have a war on terror. >> obama said that at west point. >> after we criticized him for 9 1/2 months. >> sean hannity is going to be mad if i don't say it, so i'm gonna say it. >> sean: more with beckel. i missed you for two weeks.
9:51 pm
>> i know.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
santander we continue with our great american panel. we had a shooting at a s go courthouse caught on tape. here the video. [ shooting ] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. holy [ bleep ] [ shooting ] >> unbelievable!
9:55 pm
>> sean: security guard killed, u.s. marshal shot. no motive. >> they were saying something about him -- >> social security. he had a trial on social security and it didn't go his way so he came back. >> that was barack obama's fault that happened. >> george bush's. >> no barack obama, ask anybody on this panel besides me. if i can make one point briefly. i remember when we had the -- that was a sad -- whoever took that footage was brave to keep the camera running. in any event when we had shoe bomber on the plane, remember? that was shortly after 9/11. george bush, there was not a democrat that i could remember that had anything negative to say about george bush took him six days to respond, we didn't say anything. the republicans are jumping all over this issue sending out fundraising letters. it is unamerican, unpatriotic and they ought to take lessons
9:56 pm
in patriotism. >> sean: i agree they should take lessons from harry reid who says -- i think they should take lessons from john kerry. >> you don't support the idea of using to raise money in a fundraiser? >> sean: it is extraordinarily naive and irresponsible for 10 months of his pregnancy to refuse to acknowledge the -- of his presidency to refuse to acknowledge the war on terror. >> my point when i made this, if i could repeat it briefly, we did not politicize that issue. let me tell you something if you are going to politicize this, we are americans into this together. we ought to be. not you guys. but these republicans on capitol hill and that idiot sending out that fundraising running for governor. we need to stop doing this and stay together on this issue. >> sean: i find this amazing. this comes up a lot. all of a sudden the tone in
9:57 pm
america that barack obama, now -- george bush was called a terrorist, nazi, stupid, dumb, idiot. john kerry accused him of terrorizing children. our troops terrorizing children. >> new strategy the dems have out. two things they want to do. first, keep blaming george bush and the wall street -- associate us with that we are tired of it. >> at what point do the democrats take responsibility? >> at what point do the republicans decide to be patriots? capitol hill taking advantage of this horrible incident and politicizing it are not patriotic. >> democracy is a confrontation of ideas. clearly conservatives and liberals have different views on how to fight terrorism. it is not just about terrorism. >> to raise money? >> what is worse, that or
9:58 pm
harry reid telling our troops that are fighting that the surge failed before it started and the war is lost? what is more unpatriotic? is that unpatriotic? >> i don't remember harry reid saying that >> sean: he said the war was lost. >> by the way when you look back on it. -- has this war been won in iraq? >> sean: pretty much. >> 5,000 americans dead, almost a trillion dollars what have we ? >> sean: has there ever been a war where nobody died? >> the month of december, zero combat troops died in iraq. that's a huge victory. >> because we brought -- >> sean: we are getting lost. we have another party crasher that into the white house. let me tell you, as an american patriot, bob and you have been questioning the patriotism of conservatives.
9:59 pm
i want our president, i want our first lady, i want all elected officials safe. and i'm thinking, how could you not prevent that from happening again and again? >> also indicative of a larger problem that see our institutions are incapable. if we can't prevent party crashers from coming to the water, how can we tackle winning wars or -- >> three hundred people were invited. your social secretary not manning her post in there as a guest socialize with everybody. think about the list of the airplanes and the do not fly lists 500,000 people on that one, what about that? >> i figured out, it is george bush's fault. >> no, it is not. but the fact is, people started losing faith in institutions when the cia and fbi could not stop 9/11
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